Katherine TaylorKatherine Taylor Studios are places for teaching and learning as well as creating lasting and beautiful images in oil paint. I have a secondary education degree and have taught art to all ages for over 25 years.

I started learning a method that is based on an Old Masters traditional approach and I continue to paint and teach from variations of that method; if you want to learn more about how I have come to paint, read this PDF that explains my art training and my work methods, much of which I pass on to my students.

Even with my traditional background, I believe that the process of learning to paint should include experimentation with many methods and approaches. That’s how I learned and how I still learn today. A few sample exercises/techniques to create lessons from include: Tonal method painting; Creating color wheels/charts and paintings with color schema; Right brain/left brain exercises; Copying the masters; Underpainting techniques; Glaze methods à la old Dutch masters; Camera-aided painting; Drawing & transfer methods; Plein aire painting; Timed painting; Broken color and palette knife painting; Aerial & 3-point perspective exercises; Composition & design techniques, Photoshop tricks . . . the list is quite long and goes on.

Whether you are interested in private lessons, semi-private lessons or full-day workshops, feel free to contact me for a current schedule of classes. I also teach Vino Van Gogh (2-hour paint & sip wine classes, just for fun!) through my Hood Avenue Art gallery and other venues as well.